We are an independent digital agency founded in 2001.

We are a team of passionate people working together to provide useful and honest experiences to humans who want them. Our charge is to figure out what users value, then the best use of concept and technology to deliver it.

We believe the user comes first.

What we offer.

User Experience

  • + Persona & Scenario Study
  • + Content Strategy
  • + Userflow Development
  • + Prototype Creation

Digital Strategy

  • + Digital Brand Positioning
  • + User Engagement Strategy
  • + Brand Persona Study


  • + Front & Backend Programming
  • + Content Management Systems
  • + E-Commerce Systems
  • + Cross Platform Moblie Development


  • + Creative Concept & UI Design
  • + Branding & Art Direction
  • + Storytelling
  • + Content Creation

Emerging Media

  • + App Design & Development
  • + Social Network Intergration
  • + Experimental Design & Technology

Moving Content

  • + Video & Photo Production
  • + Editing & Rendering
  • + 2D & 3D Animation
  • + Content Creation

Our approach.

We have a stolid belief: that the fruit of any digital experience should be an equitable exchange between a brand and its users. Our method for applying this belief to engagements isn’t the craziest of notions: we look for ways to align the two. Finding opportunities for alignment in turn produces a quality experience for the users, and—hopefully—an earned messaging platform for brands. By leveraging the robust, powerful tools at our disposal—Content, UX, Design, and Development—we end up creating users who know what they want and know why they want it. Which sort of works out for everybody.

Who we are.

Eric Howard

Front End Developer

Michael Starks

Junior Developer

Megan Milliron

Junior Producer/QA

Veronica Tegan

Director of Human Resources

Sarah McKenzie


Jessica Gamboa